• Jan 23
  • Dec 27

    Top 10 Matches To Watch This Weekend & Where to Watch Them!

    Lots of great wrestling this weekend as we move into the thick of the college wrestling season!First, quick overview of what’s streaming and when and where it’s streaming.   I'll reiterate this through the below, but for a quick glance: Midlands - BTN+ (Dec 29 &...

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  • Dec 5

    Weekend Rundown for 12/5 - Presented by ATAC

    What a weekend of wrestling that surely lived up to all of the hype! Let's quickly go through the headlines from the weekend: - Friday Night, Rider's Ethan Laird (#12) upset returning NCAA Champ Max Dean (PSU) with a slightly controversial takedown in OT. - On Sunday, former teammate Michael Beard (#9) ...

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  • Nov 21

    Weekend Rundown - Presented by ATAC

    - Maryland beat No. 16 Pittsburgh, 18-16, for their first ranked win since 2013??.  Pittsburgh turned around and beat #13 Lehigh 22-12 - No. 5 Arizona State defeats No. 3 Missouri, 19-17, in Tempe at Mullet Arena?? - Austin Gomez upsets Yianni D 3-9, hands Yianni only his second loss of his collegiate career.?? &...

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  • Nov 20