• Feb 21

    Gettign to Know Penn State's Drew Hildebrand

    A back-to-back special today as I'm first joined by Cenzo and Real Woods for a half hour of Coffee Talk, getting to know and catching up with the 141lb NCAA Championship contender Real who just captured his 2nd Southern Scuffle title a few weeks ago.  At the 28:30 mark, ...

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  • Sep 8
  • Jun 28

    Ready or Not, NIL Is Happening Next Week

    It’s happening. On July 1, many college wrestlers are going to be able to leverage their name, image, and likeness. But, until it rolls out (and probably even after), there are a lot of questions and speculations around the rollout. I’ve seen some of the guidelines for ...

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  • Jul 9

    Agencies, Commercials, & Local Biz; NIL Continues!

    Right on cue, the Name, Image and Likeness activity is picking up, as we're exactly one week since NIL went into effect and it's getting better by the day. As I had said both in a previous article, and on the BASCHAMANIA Podcast, deals take time to execute.  When ...

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  • Mar 18

    Olympic Trials: An Exciting NCAA Storyline to Watch

    The NCAA’s are happening and all the action starts today at 11am EST (info on how to stream every match here!) While there are so many storylines to focus on this weekend, one storyline I’ll be keeping an eye on this weekend is the Olympic Trials!  The ...

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