Podcast Episodes

  • Apr 1
    Episode 46

    Mark Perry Tells Some Stories

    Mark Perry knows wrestling. Heck, he is wrestling. Born into a wrestling family, on wrestling soil at Oklahoma State, a Blair Academy wrestler, a 4x All-American at Iowa, a 2x ...

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  • Mar 28
    Episode 45

    Jack Mueller Has No Regrets

    Last year he was in the NCAA Championships finals against Spencer Lee. This year, he's had one thing on his mind: take out Spencer Lee in the rematch. Today, ...

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  • Mar 22
    Episode 44

    Brandon Slay Knows His Purpose

    Today, another Olympic Gold Medalist comes on the BASCHAMANIA Podcast as  Brandon Slay stops by to shares his story. Brandon is not only an incredible wrestler and wrestling coach, ...

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  • Mar 17
    Episode 43

    Nahshon Garrett is an Overcomer

    Nahshon Garrett really is an overcomer. While he's also an NCAA Champion and EIWA Wrestler of The Year, what sticks out the most to me is Nahshon's ability ...

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  • Mar 14
  • Mar 11
  • Mar 5
    Episode 40

    Jumpin Around with Jon Reader

    He's no stranger to March! NCAA Champ Jon Reader has had some iconic March memories both competing and coaching. It was great chatting with Jon and the timing just a ...

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  • Mar 1
    Episode 39

    Sebastian Rivera Is Ready

    Ahead of next weekend's Big Ten Championships, I caught up with Northwestern's Sebastian Rivera. In this episode, we chat about his start in wrestling, how tough Jersey is ...

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  • Feb 25
    Episode. 38

    J’Den Cox Keeps Pressing On

    The wrestling success he's had is just a portion of who J'den Cox is. The 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2020 Olympic Hopeful has endured levels of hardship and adversity ...

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  • Feb 21
    Episode 37

    Story Time with Tony Ramos

    It was hard to keep this conversation with NCAA Champ & 2x World Team Member Tony Ramos down to one simple podcast episode that's around an hour long. He'...

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  • Feb 18
  • Feb 12
  • Feb 7
    Episode 34

    This Is Jenna Burkert

    Reigning World Team Member. Olympic Hopeful. American Soldier. Jenna Burkert has no slew of titles and accolades. This was a fun conversation to dive into with Jenna just before a ...

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  • Feb 3
    Episode 33

    Victoria Anthony’s World

    Women’s wrestling has been exploding lately. Part of that is in response to the great women who are creating such a dominant scene right now and leading the ...

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  • Jan 30
  • Jan 25
    Episode 31

    Bryce Meredith's Perspective

    3x NCAA All-American and 2020 Olympic Hopeful Bryce Meredith joined the show to talk about growing up in Wyoming, his wrestling career, and his future in MMA. We dive into a ...

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  • Jan 20
    Episode 30

    Getting to Know Nick Lee

    2x All-American and 2020 Olympic Hopeful Nick Lee has already developed quite the wrestling career. Episode 30 catches up with the Nittany Lion as he's in the heart of the grind ...

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  • Jan 16
    Episode 29

    The Jason Nolf Interview

    He doesn't do many interviews and isn't in media much, but that's not because the 3x NCAA Champion/4x NCAA Finalist doesn't have the stories and ...

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  • Jan 10
    Episode 28

    This is Thomas Gilman

    It was great chatting with 2017 World Silver Medalist Thomas Gilman just ahead of his trip to Italy & Russia to compete in a few tough tournaments. The Iowa Hawkeye and ...

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  • Jan 4
    Episode 27

    Some Stories From Vincenzo Joseph

    What 2x NCAA Champ/3x NCAA Finalist doesn't have a good story? 2020 Olympic Hopeful Vincenzo Joseph is no different. On Episode 27, the Nittany Lion Senior stops by to talk ...

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