Conference Championships: Full Schedule, Streaming Info & Pre-Seeds

Published March 2nd, 2023 by Justin Basch

All times below are EASTERN.  If anything is incorrect or you have additional info, tweet me @JustinJBasch.

Big Ten Championships

Saturday 10am - Session I (First Round, Quarterfinals, Wrestlebacks) on BTN
Saturday 5:30pm - Session II (Consolation Matches, Wrestlebacks) on BIG+
Saturday 7:30pm - Session II (Semifinals) on BTN

Sunday 1pm - Session III (Consolation Semifinals, 7th-Place Matches) on B1G+
Sunday 4:30pm - Session IV (1st-, 3rd- and 5th- Place Matches) on BTN

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Big 12 Championships

Saturday 11am - Session 1: Preliminary & Quarterfinal Matches on ESPN+
Saturday 6pm - Session 2: Semifinal & Consolation Quarterfinal Matches on ESPN+

Sunday 1pm - Session 3: Consolation Semifinals and Seventh Place Matches on ESPN+
Sunday 9pm - Session 4: Finals on ESPNU 

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EIWA Championships

Saturday 10:30am - Session 1: Preliminary Rounds, Round of 16 & Consolation First Round on FloWrestling
Saturday 4:30pm - Session 2: Quarterfinals, Consolation Rounds on FloWrestling

Sunday 10:15 am - Session 3: Semi-finals, Quarterfinal Consolations, and Semi-final Consolations on FloWrestling
Sunday 4:30 pm - Session 4: Finals, 3rd, 5th & 7th Place matches on FloWrestling

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ACC Championships

Sunday 11am - First-Round Matches on ACCNx
Sunday 1pm - Semi-Finals on ACCNx
Sunday 3:30pm - Consolation Semi-Finals on ACCNx
Sunday 5pm - Consolation Finals on ACCNx
Sunday 7pm - Finals on ACC Network

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MAC Championships

Friday 12:00 pm - Opening Round (50 Matches, 4 Mats)
Friday - 2:00 pm - Championship Quarterfinals (40 Matches, 3 Mats) | Consolation Round 1 (10 Matches, 1 Mats)
Friday 5:00 pm - Championship Semifinals (20 Matches, 2 Mat) Consolation Round 2 (40 Matches, 2 Mats) (Consolation Round 2 moves to all four mats once Semifinals are concluded)

Saturday 11:30 am - Consolation Quarterfinals (20 Matches, 4 Mats)
Saturday 1:00 pm - Consolation Semifinals (20 Matches, 4 Mats)
Saturday 3:00 pm - Championship Finals on ESPN+ also 3rd Place, 5th Place, 7th Place Matches and 9th Place matches where applicable (4 Mats) and NCAA Qualifying Spot Matches to follow if necessary

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Pac 12 Championships

Sunday 1pm - Session 1 on Pac 12 Networks
Sunday 7:45pm - Session 2  on Pac 12 Networks

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SoCon Championships

All Day Saturday on ESPN+.

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