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Zahid Valencia On His Past & Future

Published September 11th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Today, 2x NCAA Champion and 2021 Olympic Hopeful Zahid Valencia and I  had a great chat about his wrestling career and the successes and failures he's had and endured. We also talk about the current suspension and his plans for the future in the sport among a plethora of other topics!

Main Topics & Order of the Conversation:

1. Wrestling Background
2. Young Lessons
3. High School Career
4. The Lone High School Loss
5. Overcoming Losses
6. Young Training
7. Heading to ASU
8. Reflecting on College Career
9. Rivalry with Mark Hall
10. Not Burning Out
11. The Suspension
12. How He’s Feeling
13. Sticking around Tempe/Sunkist Kids
14. Signing with Terra Grappl’r
15. Getting Back on The Mat

Listen to the episode now!

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