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What’s Next For Mark Hall

Published April 16th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Mark Hall has won just about every championship a wrestler can win. From his record-setting 6 Minnesota State Championships and his NCAA  Championship as a True Freshmen at Penn State to his 3 Cadet &  Junior Level World Championships and 3 Big Ten Championships, one thing is clear: Mark Hall is a Champion! But, he doesn't want to just be known for being a champion on the mat, he wants to be a champion off the mat as well. It was great chatting with Mark about both his on-the-mat and off-the-mat perspectives as he takes another step in his career after his collegiate career came to a screeching halt because of COVID-19.  Enjoy episode 50!

- 6 State Championships
- World Level Aspirations
- Path to Penn State
- Penn State Expectations
- First True Freshmen To Win NCAA’s
- College Expectations
- Staying Humble
- Important of Mindset
- Being A Part of The Penn State Dynasty
- Not Burning Out
- Faith In His Career?
- NCAA’s Being Cancelled
- What's Next for Mark Hall?
- Growing A Brand
- Fire For More Championships?
- Some Favorite Matches

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