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Victoria Anthony’s World

Published February 3rd, 2020 by Justin Basch

Women’s wrestling has been exploding lately. Part of that is in response to the great women who are creating such a dominant scene right now and leading the charge. Victoria Anthony, who has a slew of accomplishments from US Open Champion and Bill Farrell Champion to Junior World Champion, is no exception. Victoria and I sit down on this episode to chat about her career, women's wrestling, the Olympic Trials, and more. Enjoy!

  • Moving to Canada
  • Competing to Italy & Russia
  • Getting Start in Wrestling
  • Wrestling on a Boy’s Team
  • 2005 First Practice to > 2009 Junior World Champ
  • Watching Women’s Wrestling Evolve
  • Opportunities In Women’s Wrestling
  • Defining Success with Intentions
  • Pressing On After A Defeat/Failure
  • Making an Olympic Team in 2020
  • Most Proudest of in This sport
  • What are Your Plans Post-Competition
  • Having the Most Viewed Video on UWW
  • Social Media Distractions/Benefits

Listen to the episode now:

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