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The Jason Nolf Interview

Published January 16th, 2020 by Justin Basch

He doesn't do many interviews and isn't in media much, but that's not because the 3x NCAA Champion/4x NCAA Finalist doesn't have the stories and insight. 2020 Olympic Hopeful Jason Nolf left a legacy at Penn State of being one of the best collegiate wrestlers of all time. How did he do it? What're the backstories? What's next? We talk about all that and more.

Order of Conversation & Topics:

  • The Young Start with Wrestling
  • Hating to Lose at 5 years Old
  • Getting Better at a Young Age
  • The Role of Faith in Jason’s Career
  • Doing Things God’s Way
  • The Path to Penn State
  • Not Talking a College Visit
  • The Penn State Teammate Effect
  • Running To the Center of the Mat
  • Laying The Ankle Bands Down
  • The Hodge Trophy Distraction
  • Having Fun & Scoring Points
  • Learning from Both Wins & Losses
  • Having High Self-Expectations
  • Resetting Expectations
  • Putting Career in God’s Hands
  • NCAA Championship Feelings
  • Meeting Maddie
  • Balancing Engagement/Wedding with Wrestling
  • Missing Being a Penn State Athlete
  • Transitioning to Freestyle & Senior Level
  • Working Towards an Olympic Gold
  • The Olympic Trials 74kg Field

Listen to the episode now:

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