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Olympic Medalist Coleman Scott On Having Success at Every Level

Published May 26th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Olympic Medalist & Pennsylvania Native Coleman Scott has won and had great success at every level there is. The current UNC head coach knows how to win. Thrilled to have him on the podcast today to share his story and his winning perspective. Enjoy!??

Order of Topics:

- Getting started in wrestling
- Success through wrestling
- Setting self-expectations
- Path to Oklahoma State
- Getting Better in College
- Hardest Lost in Career
- Not burning out
- Falling in Love with the Sport
- Making the Olympic Team
- Representing the USA
- Thoughts Heading Out of London
- Last Match with Tony Ramos
- Bringing Ramos on Board as a Coach
- Transitioning from Athlete to Coach
- Aspirations as a Coach
- Growing the RTC
- Perspective on the UNC Program’s Future
- Importance of Gratitude
- Social Media

Listen to the episode today:

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