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Luke Pletcher's Moving On

Published April 10th, 2020 by Justin Basch

2x All-American and 2020 Big Ten Champ Luke Pletcher of Ohio State is moving on - both mentally and physically.  He recently had to let go of NCAA's being canceled his senior year as he was the #1 seed and he just moved back home to PA to take a coaching job at Pitt.  Pletcher is nothing but grateful for his time at Ohio State but is ready for what's next. Enjoy episode 48 of BASCHAMANIA!

Order of Conversation:

1. Start in Wrestling
2. Handling Lone State Final Losses
3. Balancing Wins & Losses
4. Path to Ohio State
5. Changing Mindset
6. Grinding Out Wins
7. Flipping the Switch
8. NCAA’s Being Cancelled
9. Move to PWC
10. Favorite Matches

Listen to this episode now:

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