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'Jump Around' with Chris Bono

Published December 5th, 2019 by Justin Basch

Chris Bono has had a wild career as both an athlete and a coach. Over the past decade, Coach Bono has continued to jump levels as a coach, much as he did as an athlete, using the same principles and mindset throughout both. He's not done yet and fresh into his second season as Wisconsin head coach, he's more excited than ever! It was fun diving into a plethora of topics in this conversation.

Conversation Flow & Order of Topics:

  • Accolades the Proudest Of
  • Wrestling in Pennsylvania & Florida
  • Biggest Contribution to Success
  • The transition from Athlete to Coach
  • Evolving as a Coach
  • Most Important Time as a Coach
  • Establishing Culture
  • Big Loss to Iowa
  • Giving Seth Gross a Second Chance
  • Coaching Seth to Win NCAA’s
  • Thoughts on Social Media
  • Excitement for the Future

Listen to this episode now:

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