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Jack Mueller Has No Regrets

Published March 28th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Last year he was in the NCAA Championships finals against Spencer Lee. This year, he's had one thing on his mind: take out Spencer Lee in the rematch. Today, I sat down with UVA's Jack Mueller to chat about his college career, hear about his faith, learn of his backstory and see what's next.

1. Quarantine Update 
2. What Led You to Wrestle? 
3. Leveling Up as a Wrestler 
4. What led you to Virginia? 
5. Role of Faith In Your Career 
6. Incredible Matches in March 
7. ACC Competition 
8. NCAA’s Cancelled 
9. No Regrets 
10. Resetting Focus After Events 
11. Visiting RTC's 
12. The Uncertainty of The Future

Listen to this episode:

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