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It’s Izzy Style! This is the Israel Martinez Story

Published December 18th, 2019 by Justin Basch

Pumped to have coach Izzy Martinez on the show for episode 24. I got a lot of good feedback on the Chris Bono episode and to play off of that, I wanted to bring another high-level coach with value & entertainment on the show! Before he was coaching Jon Jones & Holly Holm to championships in the UFC Octagon, and coaching a top 10 high school program, Izzy was an elite-level youth & amateur wrestler and also had his fair shares and ups and downs. Today, we dive into the Izzy Story!

Rough Order of Topics:

  • Izzy as a Wrestler
  • Not Making it in Iowa City
  • Being A “18-22-Year-old Trainwreck”
  • What Early Failure Taught
  • The Transition from Athlete to Coaching
  • Chasing Opportunity
  • Entering MMA
  • Self Awareness
  • Mental Health
  • Social Media

Listen to this episode now:

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