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Coffee Talk with Cenzo: RTC Cup Edition; Gable Steveson & Trent Hidley Join The Show

Published December 7th, 2020 by Justin Basch

What a fun episode! Coffee Cenzo back on the show as we talk about the storylines and takeaways from this weekend's RTC Cup. Two of the guys in the spotlight after this weekend, Gable Steveson and Trent Hidlay, also join the show!
  • Topics & Order of the Conversation..
  • Cliff Keen Won the RTC Cup
  • Are the RTC Teams Fair?
  • Missed Some Teams
  • Surprises at the RTC Cup
  • Heavyweight Scene Right Now
  • Gable Steveson Joins the Show
  • Athletes Communicating
  • Wrestlers Trash Talking
  • RBY Provoking Sterling Match
  • Trent Hidlay Joins the Show

Listen to the episode now:

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