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Coffee Talk w/ Cenzo and Gilman & RBY Join the Show!

Published December 14th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Cenzo, RBY, and Gilman all together on one episode! Need I say more? For real though, great time talking about what’s going on in wrestling over the past week (Burroughs/DT, Flo Bracket Challenge, etc.) with Cenzo and having RBY and Gilman hop on to talk about their upcoming matches on Rokfin cards.

We Talk:

- Bills/Steelers
- Bo’s Wedding
- Burroughs/Taylor
- Flo/Rokfin Events
- Flo's Bracket Challenge Predictions
- NLWC Card
- RBY/Sterling
- Some Rokfin Thoughts
- One Match to Introduce Someone to Wrestling, What Would it Be?
- RBY Joins the Show
- Gilman Joins the Show

Listen to the episode now!


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