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Catching up with NJRTC's Reece Humphrey Ahead of The Bill Farrell

Published November 13th, 2019 by Justin Basch

The Bill Farrell is this weekend and everyone in the wrestling community is HYPED about it. NJ RTC Head Coach Reece Humphrey is no exception. People are noticing there is something in the water in New Jersey and quite frankly, it's Reece! Reece is a 3x World Team Member and 3x US Open Champ and he knows wrestling. He also really knows freestyle wrestling. Reece and I catch up a bit and talk about his background and recent transitioning to coaching at the NJRC and the path that led to it. Topics on this episode include:

  1. Growing up Wrestling In Indiana
  2. What Led Reece to Ohio State University
  3. RTC Life In Reece’s Day?
  4. Knowing when it’s time to move on to a different location??
  5. Path to the TMWC and NJRTCWhy the move from TMWC to NJRTC.
  6. Transitioning from athlete to coach - what’s that like?
  7. Why such an incredible year for Jersey, and even the NJRTC?
  8. Guys coming on board the NJRTC
  9. The impact of NJRTC & Jersey on Wrestling in 2020
  10. Discussing the Bill Farrell
  11. How to Help the NJRTC

Listen to this episode now:

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