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'Basch & The Brain' on College Wrestling, Senior Level Seasons

Published October 30th, 2023 by Justin Basch

'Basch & The Brain' talk all things College Wrestling & Senior Level as both seasons kick off this week:

  • Crystal Ball Rankings Update
  • Wrestle Off & Lineup Updates
  • Gomez Heading to Michigan
  • AJ Ferrari to Iowa?
  • Carter Chasing 4
  • ESPN Getting Involved
  • Oklahoma State/NC State Dual in Italy
  • Flag Football in Olympics
  • Burroughs going to 74kg
  • Amit Elor wins #8
  • Haley Augello Returning
  • Lot of Retirements Coming in April
  • Coming Up on Senior Level
  • Coming up on College
  • College Rules Problem

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