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Alli Ragan on Her Move From Iowa to The Sunkist RTC

Published May 11th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Caught up today with 7x Senior World Team Member, 2x World Silver Medalist, and 2x WCWA National Champion - among other accolades - Alli Ragan. Alli, along with others, just recently made the move from the Hawkeye Wrestling Club in Iowa to the Sunkist RTC at Arizona State, following coach Mark Perry. It was great to chat with Alli about her story, career, and recent moves.? Hope you enjoy today's episode!


- Getting Started in Wrestling
- Being a 3-Sport Athlete
- Coach Dad
- Growth of Women’s Wrestling
- Social Media
- Silver Medals at World Championships in both 2016 and 2017
- Heading to Iowa & Gaining The X Factor
- Dealing with a Major Neck Injury
- Helen Maroulis Wrestle-Off
- Relationship with Mark Perry
- Move to Sunkist RTC
- Quarantining

Listen to the episode now:

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