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A Yianni D Experience

Published October 2nd, 2019 by Justin Basch

In this episode, one of the biggest freaks in wrestling stops by. Normally, the term "freak" may be a bad thing, but with Yianni - only the term freak can be used to describe his presence in the sport - from what he does and how he does it on the mat - to his knowledge off the mat.

It was great to catch up with Yianni after a whirlwind of a year including his second NCAA Championship, beating the #1 guy in the world (Bajrang) at Beat The Streets, winning the prestigious Yasar Dogu, and a prolonged 4 month USA World Team wrestle-off.

Yianni IS wrestling, and this is the BASCHAMANIA podcast. Enjoy Episode 12!

Listen to the episode now:

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