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A Chat with Lauren Burroughs

Published December 30th, 2019 by Justin Basch

Being the wife to arguably the greatest wrestler in the world, Lauren has insights no one else has been privileged with. It was a pleasure catching up with good friend Lauren Burroughs and chatting about her story, her relationship with Jordan and diving into the personal brand-building and social media discussion

General Flow Of Topics:

  • Building a Brand in Wrestling & Putting In The Work- Initial & Start in Wrestling
  • Writing Career?, Personal Desires
  • How Lauren & Jordan Met
  • Any Idea What Would Ensue in This Relationship?
  • Selflessness to Focus on "dream-sharing"
  • The Evolution of The Relationship with JB’s Success
  • Navigating Brand/Family Sponsorship Deals
  • Experiencing the Highs/Lows of Success As a Family
  • Ability to Decipher Opportunity vs Distraction
  • The Role of Faith in The Marriage
  • Balancing Social & Life
  • Engaging with Your Audience
  • Secrecy & Transparency
  • More Brand-Building Talk
  • Baby Watch

Listen to the episode now:

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