The 65 USA Wrestlers Headed to First 2023 Ranking Series & When/Where To Watch

Published January 23rd, 2023 by Justin Basch

65 of USA Wrestling's best are headed to the First Ranking Series next week in Croatia.  

First, here's a look at the schedule.  Note that times are local times, which is 6 hours ahead of EST time, so wrestling should be starting daily at 4am EST.   All wrestling should take place live on FloWrestling!

So, lets take a look at who's competing.  Full entry list is here on UWW's site.  This list is always subject to change and when USA Wrestling puts out a press release, probably early this week, we may see a few changes.  For now, this is who UWW says is going!  Stay tuned after the list for some commentary.

Men's Freestyle

57kg Zane RICHARDS (USA)

61kg Daniel DESHAZER (USA) Seth GROSS (USA)

65kg Evan HENDERSON (USA) Joseph MC KENNA (USA) Nicholas LEE (USA)


74kg Joseph LAVALLEE (USA) Thomas GANTT JR (USA) Jason NOLF (USA)

79kg Chandler MARSTELLER (USA)

86kg Zahid VALENCIA (USA) Mark HALL (USA)

92kg Jonathan AIELLO (USA) Kollin MOORE (USA)

97kg Morgan SMITH (USA) Jden COX (USA) Kyle SNYDER (USA)

125kg Hayden ZILLMER (USA) Jordan WOOD (USA) Ceron FRANCISCO (USA)

Women's Freestyle

50kg Erin GOLSTON (USA)

53kg Katie GOMEZ (USA) Dominique PARRISH (USA) Alisha HOWK (USA)

55kg Lauren MASON (USA) Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) Jenna BURKERT (USA)

57kg Helen MAROULIS (USA) Alexandra HEDRICK (USA) Amanda MARTINEZ (USA)

59kg Lexie BASHAM (USA)

62kg Jennifer PAGE (USA) Lauren LOUIVE (USA) Kayla MIRACLE (USA)

65kg Forrest MOLINARI (USA) Mallory VELTE (USA) Emma BRUNTIL (USA)

68kg Marilyn GARCIA (USA) Solin PIEARCY (USA) Alexandria GLAUDE (USA)

72kg Amit ELOR (USA) Skylar GROTE (USA)

76kg Yelena MAKOYED (USA) Dymond GUILFORD (USA) Precious BELL (USA)

Greco Roman

55kg Dalton DUFFIELD (USA)

60kg Dalton ROBERTS (USA) Ildar HAFIZOV (USA) Randon MIRANDA (USA)

63kg Jesse THIELKE (USA) Samuel JONES (USA)

67kg Alston NUTTER (USA) Ryan EPPS (USA)

72kg Patrick SMITH (USA) Benjamin PEAK (USA)

77kg Britton HOLMES (USA) Kamal BEY (USA) Payton JACOBSON (USA)

82kg Spencer WOODS (USA)


97kg Lucas SHERIDAN (USA)

130kg Tanner FARMER (USA)

Now, some quick commentary:

- Interesting, but not surprising, that 6 of our World Team'ers (all World Medalists) are not going.  Gilman, Zain, Yianni, Dake, Burroughs and Taylor have opted against going.  Zain just had a baby, Yianni has the ending to his college career, so those 2 aren't a surprise.  Dake/Taylor I don't personally think we see until the World Team Trials & World Championships.  Burroughs is likely on a pitch count this year as well, but I think we see him a bit more than Dake & Taylor.

- It shouldn't be surprising, but is very exciting, that J'den is entered at 97kg. He said he was done at 92kg and is looking to win a world medal this year at 97kg, which will make an easier time to try and make the Olympic team next year. Gotta love that we could start seeing Snyder/J'den at some of these international competitions.  The last time these 2 met, Kyle took 2 straight matches winning 7-2 and 5-5 at the Rudis Super Match back in March of 2021.

- And, that's not only weight where we could see top guys going at it.  Nick Lee & Joey McKenna both at 65, along with Evan Henderson, Seth Gross & Daniel Deshazer - WTT Challenge Tournament Finals match participants, and more.  

- At 86kg, Iran's World & Olympic Champ Yazdani is listed as entering.  Many fans have been wanting to see Zahid/Yazdani and it may finally happen at this ranking series. Unless of course, Yazdani draws/meets the Israeli as he will likely have to forfeit that match. Speaking of 86kg, good to see Mark Hall back out there.  Can't wait to see him back on the mat and see where he's at after a year of training with Burroughs in the room.

- Haydin Hidlay, who recently announced he was going to compete and empty the tank, is listed at 70kg - which is 154 pounds. His senior year, he went up to 174, so that may just be a error and USA Wrestling will announce that maybe he's going 74.  No way he's going 70, right? Right?

- A good amount of "Americans" are also entered under other countries, including but not limited to: Darian Cruz (PUR) at 57kg; Josh Finesilver (ISR), Joey Silva (PUR) and Sebastian Rivera (PUR)at 65kg; Josh Finesilver (ISR) at 65kg; Mitch Finesilver (ISR) at 74kg; Myles Amine (SMR) at 86kg, Ben Honis (ITA) at 97kg, 

- I know some of the men who just went to France to compete in the Henri Deglane are going to this Ranking Series and some others were just going to head home and head to the next Ranking Series in Egypt at the end of February.

Will add some more later.
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