PAY DAY! 5 American Men's Freestyle Wrestlers Secure Cash Prizes

Published November 11th, 2022 by Justin Basch

The UWW Year-End (for the season) rankings came out today and good news for some of America's Top Wrestlers... it's pay-day!

UWW previously announced bonuses for finishing in the top 3 ranked wrestlers in each weight class. 

$5,000 goes to the #1 ranked guy, $3,000 to the #2 ranked guy, and $2,000 to the #3 ranked guy. 

A total of $10,000 in cash prizes for each weight class. That's $300,000 being paid out to the top 90 wrestlers across all 3 styles, not bad!

Five of America's best wrestlers finished in the top 3 and secured those cash prizes today. 

Keep in mind, these "rankings" are solely based on a point system for wrestling in ranking series events. These are NOT a "Who's Best" style of ranking. You can earn points by attending ALL Ranking Series events. 

Finishing in 1st at 57kg, Thomas GIlman, securing $5,000

Finishing 2nd at 74kg, Kyle Dake, securing $3,000 

Finishing 1st at 79kg, Jordan Burroughs, securing $5,000

Finishing 3rd at 86kg, David Taylor, securing $2,000

Finishing 1st at 97kg, Kyle Snyder, securing $5,000

Zain Retherford and J’den Cox finished 4th, just missing out on a cash prize, and Yianni D finished 5th as well.?? Another 15 wrestlers in total landed in the final rankings with points, with 23 total Americans in the rankings. 

Head to, for a full run-down on who scored what points from the US, and all top 3 finishers. 

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