• Love this podcast and love what your doing Justin!!!!! One of my favorite podcasts and gives us insight of the mind of high level wrestlers and the lifestyle we live in this crazy world and the crazy things us wrestlers have to do and experience to be and stay on the top and competing at a high level!!!!!

    My go to podcast!
    2x NCAA Champion Jordan Oliver
  • Big fan of wrestling and big fan of entrepreneurial podcasts, so it’s really cool to hear Justin not only ask all the basic wrestling background questions to his guests, but also ask about how/what they are doing to market themselves as athletes. I highly recommend the Lauren Burroughs podcast!

    Huge fan of this podcast
    Adam G
  • There are a lot wrestling podcasts that do a great job of covering content as well as doing interviews at tournaments. BASCHAMANIA is a piece of the puzzle that has been missing in the wrestling world! He hosts great athletes, coaches or prior wrestlers that have had an impact on our sport through an authentic interview...

    BASCHAMANIA review
    C Forte