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This Is Jenna Burkert

Published February 7th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Reigning World Team Member. Olympic Hopeful. American Soldier. Jenna Burkert has no slew of titles and accolades. This was a fun conversation to dive into with Jenna just before a best-of-3 wrestle-off series against the winner of Helen Maroulis vs Alli Ragan. Enjoy the conversation!

Order of Topics:

  • Getting Started in Wrestling
  • A Non-Traditional College Route
  • Women’s Wrestling Evolving
  • Being a Wrestling Superfan
  • What Led you to Serve in Military
  • Not Focusing on Pressure & Staying Present
  • Embracing Fear
  • Happy To Still be Wrestling
  • Being Apart of Growing The Sport
  • Pan Am Qualifiers
  • Utilizing Social & Not Getting Distracted
  • Learning a Lesson in ’18 instead of ’20
  • Not Getting Discouraged After a Loss?

Listen to the episode now:

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