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Lance Palmer: Million Dollar Man

Published April 5th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Before he was earning multiple Million Dollar paydays in the PFL, Lance Plamer was a 4x Ohio State Champ and 4x All-American at Ohio State. He also won a Big Ten Championship, being named Outstanding Wrestler in the process, and lost a super close one to Brent Metcalf in the NCAA Finals. Grateful to have Lance come on the podcast today! Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

Topics/Order of the Conversation:

1. The Nickname
2. Start in Wrestling
3. Dad Too Tough?
4. Decision To Go to Ohio State
5. College Expectations
6. Lance Palmer Wrestles a Bear
7. Brent Metcalf Match at Big 10’s
8. Confidence & Mentality
9. Balancing Hi’s and Low’s of D1 Wrestling
10. The Vibe at Ohio State
11. Lou Rosselli’s Impact
12. The MMA Itch
13. The Journey To PFL
14. Million Dollar Paydays
15. Investing In Yourself
16. Balancing Wanting More
17. Building Brand
18. Involvement with Wrestling

Listen to this episode:

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