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Diving into Alex Marinelli's Career & Faith

Published December 26th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Just ahead of (hopefully) the 2020-2021 Big 10 season getting underway, 2x Big Ten Champion Alex Marinelli joins me for today's episode of BASCHAMANIA as we dive into his career & his faith! Though he doesn't share much publicly regularly, he's got a lot to say!

We dive into:

1. The Nickname
2. Early Success in Ohio
3. Perspective After Losses
4. Faith Shaping Career
5. College Transition
6. Getting Married Young
7. Alex & Eli Big Ten Documentary
8. Making Adjustments
9. Cenzo Rivalry
10. 2019 NCAA’s
11. 2020 NCAA’s
12. Team Title Thoughts & Expectations
13. Folkstyle vs Freestyle
14. Recent HWC Open Match
15. What’s Next
16. Getting on Social

Listen to the episode now:


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