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David McFadden’s Story

Published April 22nd, 2020 by Justin Basch

He's now the first 4x NCAA All-American in Virginia Tech History, he's a 2x Jersey State Champion/3x Jersey State Championships Finalist, and he's headed to The Pennsylvania RTC to make a mark on the senior level. This is David McFadden's story.

- Getting Started in Wrestling
- Parents Involvement
- Champion Mindset Development
- Time at Depaul Catholic
- From Catholic To Christian
- Managing NCAA Expectations
- Balancing High’s and Low’s
- 3x / 4x NCAA All-American at VT
- Growth & Rise of the ACC
- Favorite Matches
- Tearing ACL as a Freshmen and AA’ing
- Why the Penn RTC?
- Perspective During Quarantine

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