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Coffee Talk: Philly Experience, Flo Buys Track

Published February 10th, 2021 by Justin Basch

Great chat today for the 100th episode of BASCHAMANIA as Cenzo and I talk about our experiences in Philly last weekend, what's coming up for both of us, Flo buying Track, college wrestling, Jake Paul/Ben Askren, and more. Feel free to tweet us and send us messages with questions and general thoughts! And, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and go through the archives to hear more great stories. If you want to support the podcast, be sure to leave a 5-star rating & review on Apple Podcasts, and shop some apparel on BASCHAMANIA.com! For all partnership and sponsorship inquiries, email info@baschamania.com. Engage with us on Twitter: @JustinJBasch and @CenzoJoseph!

Listen to the episode now:


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