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Anthony Robles Just Never Gave Up

Published May 18th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Even after being born with just one leg, NCAA Champion Anthony Robles never gave up. Throughout his wrestling career, he had 3 undefeated championship seasons including going 96-0 his high school junior + senior year and going 36-0 his senior year at Arizona State. His story is not only a unique one but an incredibly inspiring one. Thrilled to have him on today's show!

General Order of the Conversation:

- Born Without a Leg
- Shaping Mindset
- Start In Wrestling
- From 5-8 to Undefeated
- Faith in Career
- Going to ASU
- Being Unstoppable
- Winning an NCAA Championship
- Not Wrestling After College
- Transitioning Away from Competing
- Jay Leno Show
- Cool Moments Post-Wrestling
- The Rock Producing His Movie

Listen to the episode today:

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