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Cael Sanderson on All Things 2020 & Upcoming Rokfin Event

Published October 15th, 2020 by Justin Basch

Oh, am I excited for this one! Today, a man who needs no introduction, Cael Sanderson, joins the show.  He has all the accolades.  Olympic Champion. 4x Undefeated NCAA Champion. Coach of the Year. Coached 25 National Champions (23 in 10 years at PSU). You name it.   I always enjoy my conversations with him, but I'm blessed to bring one of them today to this audience! I hope ya'll enjoy it!

We talk about:

  • NCAA Season Being Cancelled
  • Extra Year of Eligibility This Year
  • Redshirt Everyone?
  • How Rokfin Event Came About
  • How The First Event Went - Takeaways?
  • Changing the Landscape
  • What Went Into These Matches
  • Calling Up Bubba Jenkins
  • Match Most Excited For?
  • Addition of Snyder, Gilman to NLWC
  • RBY & Content Creation
  • Leveraging Social Platforms in 2020
  • NCAA Name Image Likeness Bill

Listen to the episode today:

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